A Roaring Success! Khao Kalok Sterilization Day! – การทำหมันสุนัข

We are thrilled to announce our first Partner Project at Khao Kalok Beach was a roaring success!

Temple Dogs Pranburi exceeded their ambitious target and managed to sterilize 21 dogs on the day, 19 female dogs and 2 male.

Even with an arrangement or two not quite going as planned on the day, our first collaboration project for the year was one for the books!

Our thanks & congratulations to our project partner, Temple Dogs Pranburi, as well as everyone who joined us & participated in making it a remarkable team effort – a true testament to what can be accomplished, working together.

For PAWSS as an initiative, the event is a fruition of the purpose & ambition we hold & aspire to for the future – we’re INSPIRED to make many more possible in the year ahead & EXCITED about all that’s yet to come!

Experienced darting team coming from Bangkok.

Unfortunately the funds raised for this sterilization day didn’t quite cover the costs, so any donation you can give will make a huge difference.

You can donate directly to Temple Dogs Pranburi here: https://www.paypal.me/ATCramer

For more information and latest updates please go to Temple Dogs Pranburi Facebook page: